225 odd fire hei distributor

Howell Fuel Injection Kit Buick Questions about this item? Ask here. See 8 Questions. What are you running for an ignition? What Intake Manifold do you have?

225 odd fire hei distributor

Would you like a heated O2 Sensor required for headers? Are you running stock or larger camshaft please specify? Are you running stock, ported or aftermarket heads?

What Transmission are you running? Quantity Add to Cart. Review this item.

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Add to Wish List. New GM throttle body adapts directly to 2 or 4 barrel intake manifold, replacing your carburetor. The kit contains all necessary sensors, wiring harness, ECM and electric fuel pump no fuel lines. Runs with stock Jeep distributor. Great for fixing carburetor problems once and for all!

Also,my is stock with the exception of hei distributor and compression stock was What hp. And will the gains come throughout the rpm range?

HEI Distributors XXXposed!

I'll be using the stock 2 barrel manifold. Was this answer helpful? The kit includes an electric fuel pump and a block off plate. The fuel tank is in great condition, with a mechanical sending unit. As part of the resurrection, I was going to recondition the tank just to be safe.

My question is, will the sending unit be a different size for the FI system? No change is required. Do the O2 sensor bung have to be installed before the collectors or can they be installed after the collectors in the tube?

Also, since you have headers, you will want the Heater O2 Sensor. The stock air filter doesn't appear to fit. The Howell system uses a standard approx.For the best 4X4 sites on the web check out and vote for jeepfan. One big advantage of the Dauntless V6 is the heavy flywheels used on these engines. The flywheels come in 75lbs and lbs versions to create low end torque.

The normal car flywheels are closer to 45lbs. The bid disadvantage of the is it is more difficult to fuel inject because of the odd fire ignition. The tachometer signal will confuse the computer of regular TBI fuel injection. In midBuick introduced the first "even fire" version of the Buick V6. This engine has a smoother idle, but more vibration than the older engine.

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The odd fire engine uses a distributor cap with equal spaces between the plugs on the distributor cap and the even fire engine has unequal spaces between the plugs on the distributor cap.

It is not very intuitive, but that's the way it is. The s are internally balanced and the s are externally balanced. Technically, you need to rebalance a if you replace the flywheel or install a flywheel in place of a flex plate. Some people report that they have had no problem swapping different flywheels on these later engines with out rebalancing.

Later Buick s use multiport fuel injection. Corvette Starters : The Corvette used a nice Denso high torque and light weight starter.

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This is a great and relatively cheap way to upgrade the starter in your Jeep with Chevy or Buick engine. Consider the Buick V6, it is short, plentiful, and powerful. What more can you ask for in your short Jeep.

It isn't so powerful you'll rip your frame apart and break your axles and it is spunkier than the F-Head and L-Head engines. It is also easy to buy and buy parts for. Kaiser purchased the tooling to build the engine from Buick in and began production of the engine. The "Dauntless" is an "odd fire" engine meaning the cylinders fire odd order. The odd-fire design cause a the engine to idle a bit rough. This version of the engine and parts from these Jeeps can be used to swap a Buick V6 into your Jeep.

The Buick V6 was not used after and with the gas crisis, Buick became interested in the V6 engine again. They purchased the tooling back from Jeep in and reworked the engine so it use components from the Buick engine. The larger bore increased the displacement to cubic inches.

Buick During the early 80s some large rear wheel drive cars used a version of the with a bigger bore. The displacement of the was pushed up from 3. This engine has the same external dimensions as the and can be told from the by the 4.

Keeping these engines cool is a bit more challenging than the 3. Applicable local laws and regulations may vary and should be checked before any project is commenced.

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Be sure to follow all applicable safety procedures. The material contained within this web site, www. Table of contents. Simple HTML for this page here.My only disclaimer is that you should read all of this before starting, and take your time.

225 odd fire hei distributor

The information here applies to various Buick V8 and V6 engines, so make sure you understand the details as they apply to your engine. Your mileage may vary and your car may be different than mine was. The usual "Do this at your own risk" disclaimers apply.

This is a pretty long and detailed page, so give it a good read before you start this process. Use common sense and if you mess things up, it's not my fault.

225 hei distributor

I've done this swap twice now, but some of this was written from memory, so let me know if you have any questions before you start unbolting and modifying things. Various readers have written in with questions only to find out that have actually found errors or unclear text in my descriptions and I have updated the page as a result.

I realize this page is pretty long, but I wanted to be sure that all of the possible information was available to folks so they could understand this swap before they did it. It is important to mention up front that many of the Buick V8 and V6 engines are identical in many respects, particularly in the area of the distributor. Any place that I refer to the in a generic sense should be interpreted as applying to the other engines as well, unless specifically noted as otherwise.

I did my work on abut with a little extra double checking and head-scratching you should be able to do the same thing to any other engine that shares the same distributor mounting dimensions. Additionally, the concepts here will apply to any make and model of engine. In the interest of full disclosure, my HEI distributor swaps were done on a vehicle using junkyard donor distributor from a Likewise, the and engines are also very similar and this swap should work there as well.

I have had one reader confirm that the swap does work on the engines, and the differences they provided are noted in the text now. Interestingly, this swap also works with most of the Buick V6 engines produced over the years, but you must be careful about the electronics as up until the Buick V6 engines were the "odd fire" design where the cylinders were not evenly spaced in the firing order.

Also, the pre V6 engines may not work for this swap - see the notes in the V8 section for details. That means that any Buick V6 distributor up until they went to DIS in the mid to late '80s is a potential donor for this swap. On the odd-fire electronics gotchas, note that HEI was introduced in mid and the odd-fire V6 went away in mid, you so have, and some V6 HEI units to pick from to get the correct odd-fire electronics.

If you have, please let me know. There are also some interesting possibilities here for converting not just to HEI, but a fully computer-controlled HEI distributor. If you want to put fuel injection on your early Buick engine and you want the computer to control the timing, you need a distributor to match that - one with no vacuum advance and no mechanical advance where the computer controls the timing. Distributor housings for computer controlled engines had some important differences, and if you could get a housing that would fit, you should be able to make this work.

If this thought intrigues you, go back and read the previous paragraph about the V6 engines and think about the fact that the 3. I'm not sure how far parts swap forward, but that's a topic for another pageThis is due to the simple one piece design, easy installation and performance enhancements over a stock ignition system.

225 231 Buick Odd Fire Dauntless V6 HEI Distributor Only

The all-in-one DUI replaces the weak three component system that came standard on the Buick engines and utilizes only one 12 volt hot wire for hookup. The DUI is equipped with an internal 50, volt coil, which will fire a spark plug gap as large as. Their high dwell Dyna-Module, located inside the distributor, increases spark duration for improvements in throttle response and low end power. The DUI centrifugal advance system utilizes a high performance weight and spring assembly engineered for super smooth operation.

225 odd fire hei distributor

The mechanical advance is then tuned using a Sun distributor machine to ensure a precise timing curve that will provide maximum power throughout the RPM range while eliminating engine damaging detonation.

An adjustment free vacuum advance canister is selected to work with the centrifugal advance for better drivability and increased fuel mileage. Ballast resistors are not required for the DUI as this system works best with full alternator voltage.

How to wire an HEI Distributer

These parts can be found at any local auto parts store. Please note that DUI Distributors may not be ready for immediate shipping. The attention to quality and detail requires us to build each unit per order, and due to this process orders can take several days to complete before shipping out.

During our busy season March-Septemberbuild times can take slightly longer. Questions about this item? Ask here. See 6 Questions. Shaft Style. Standard or Marine Application? Quantity Add to Cart. Review this item. Add to Wish List.

DUI HEI Distributor Buick Dauntless Odd-Fire 225 V6 USA Made!

I have an Offenhauser intake manifold, will I have to grind on the corner to make it fit? We have two lengths available, one is shorter and you may have to grind on the intake, or we have a longer one that clears all intakes make the selection on the product page in the pull down menu.

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225 odd fire hei distributor

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Get to Know Us. Customer Service.No external coils or spark boxes are needed. Just one 12 volt hot wire hooked up to the DUI sends 50, volts of pure spark energy to the plugs for a cleaner, crisper, more powerful running engine!

A special weight and spring assembly is hand fitted and dialed-in using a Sun Distributor Machine for a precise timing curve that will match the specifications of your engine and vehicle. The super smooth advance provides instant throttle response and maximum power throughout the rpm range with no pre-detonation. Vacuum advance is provided for improved fuel economy and cleaner spark plugs.

The high voltage coil allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to a massive. The dwell in our Dyna-Module has been increased electronically to allow the coil to produce a longer duration spark. The combination of the larger gap and longer duration spark provides the most complete combustion of the fuel mixture possible for increased horsepower and torque. Additional benefits include quicker starting, smoother idle and better fuel economy!

All caps have the brass terminals for optimum conductivity. Whether your engine is bone stock, mildly modified or heavily modified, we can tune a DUI for you.

Please note that DUI Distributors are not ready for immediate shipping. The attention to quality and detail requires us to build each unit per order, and due to this process orders can take several days to complete before shipping out.

During our busy season March-Septemberbuild times can take slightly longer.Seller: theswapmeetparts 25, Distributor is complete! A new cast-aluminum housing featuring a machine polished finish contains new bushings, mainshaft assembly, and a hardened steel gear. Our HEI includes high-output module, centrifugal advance components, and adjustable vacuum advance canister. Very easy to install. One wire hookup. Comes with instructions. This distributor comes with a 3 year warranty.

Check out my feedback and buy with confidence. Also, when installing this unit on a stock motor, the ballast resistor will need to be by passed, this distributor requires 12 volts where as the stock distributors used 9 volts.

Included is the HEI pigtails!! One is for Battery to supply power to the distributor and the other is the optional tach hookup. To contact us, please follow these easy steps Click the Ask a question link near the bottom of the eBay listing. You may be asked to sign into eBay.

Next, choose a topic from the list provided. Some common questions and answers may be shown. Scroll down and click Contact the Seller.

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Enter your question in the box, enter the verification code for security purposes, and then click the Send button. If you are satisfied with our products and customer service, please be so kind to leave a 5-STAR positive feedback. Please contact us with any issues before leaving neutral or negative feedback. An angry customer is not worth a quick sale. While all care is taken, any errors or omissions in the item details are unintentional.

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