Multicade side art download

Here at PDX we'll work with you to make a custom design that fits your gameroom and exhibits your tastes. Showcase your favorite themes and capture the essence of your gaming experience with a custom marquee, control panel, and sideart graphic. Our in-house design options are provided with our Systems at no additional charge. Examples and material details below. Sideart on our cabinets comes printed on thick vinyl and is laminated with a durable, gorgeous high gloss coating that protects the color and will last for years.

The "reverse printed" technique uses vinyl that's colorized directly on the adhesive, then adhered to plexiglass. This creates a commercialized look that offers depth and authenticity. Polycarbonites are commonly used in bulletproof materials and in jet plane canopies. As such they're terrifically strong and will protect your graphics from dirt, dust, grime and spills for a very long time.

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Please inquire about this if you want it in your build. Huck's Intergalactic. Ready Player One. Retro Dragons. What We Do. Competitor Compare. LCD Marquee. Cabinet Graphics. Cabinet Construction. Trackball and Spinner. Vinyl and Custom Designs.

multicade side art download

View fullsize. Marquee Translucent "reverse printed" vinyl on plexiglass.Relive the glory days of arcade gaming in the comfort of your own home with our arcade machine! Perfect for when friends are over, the two-player joystick and button configuration brings the retro arcade experience into the comfort of your living room.

multicade side art download

Fight on your own or with a friend in 2 player mode to add to the exciting action. Our Multicade has the same great features as the classic arcade cabinets of the 80's, but with a modern slim look and feel.

multicade side art download

Our graphics are printed to last a lifetime and coated with a protective film to help them last a lifetime. Your cabinet will look as good in ten years as it does when you receive it.

Our ready-to-play cabinets come preloaded with all the great games you need. There is no assembly or set up required. Just plug it in and enjoy! Our arcade comes with an upgraded sound system including 2 satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Volume and bass levels are easily accessible. Our arcade cabinets are a stylish addition to any family room or man cave.

They have the classic retro look combined with modern curves and construction.

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Our Multicade comes ready to play with upgraded joysticks and buttons for that classic Arcade feel. Our side panel and console graphics stand out and are printed on high quality, UV-protected vinyl. We only use Genuine Sanwa Denshi joysticks and Suzo Happ buttons for that authentic arcade feel with no lag or delay. We offer a variety of options for purchase.

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Join our many happy customers who have enjoyed many hours of game play on our mulitcade cabinets. I worked with Gene due to a roadshow going on and I'm glad I did. Gene not only was able to answer all of my questions, but made me feel good about choosing this arcade for my decision. Easy purchase, fast delivery, and great people to work with.

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I highly recommend if you are looking for a multicade cabinet!. Here are some of our most asked questions, if you do not find the answer to your question - send us an email.

Multicade Arcade Cabinet Over classic games!The game was delivered today.

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It looks and plays great. The family loves it. It was well packed and even the shipping company that delivered it commented on how well it was packed.

Thank you very much. It was certainly an easy process to purchase and have shipped. Love those classic arcade games from the 80's and 90's?

Bring them back into the 21st century with a multicade arcade game unit from Multicades. Our games units play your favorite classic arcade games all in one unit for hours of lasting fun and enjoyment. We have full size arcade stand up units for the real authentic gaming experience, cocktail tables for the less obvious look and bar top models, perfect for table tops, bar tops or confined places.

All our units feature top quality workmanship and components, including new LCD monitors at no additional charge. We build each cabinet with precision machined equipment. We use customized artwork and trim to enhance the look and feel of a arcade game unit.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in our workmanship, quality and customer service. That is why we offer a full 2 year warranty on each new unit sold, including parts and labor. Own a rental cabin or condo? Why not add a Multicade!

It is a proven fact that units with a multicade or arcade game rent better than units without. Set it up to enjoy either free play no money required or put an optional coin operated unit. We offer free delivery and setup within 30 miles. We have discounted shipping rates within the USA and offer palletizing and shrink wrap services.

We will match or beat any competitors pricing. We even have multiple game discounts. If you have something special you would like, let us know. We will try our best to build it for you. We have hundreds of references and satisfied customers. Let us know and we will be glad to provide those to you.

We want to be your 1 source for all your gaming needs. Available with multiple options. Designed by Multicades. Home Service About us Contact. Welcome to Multicades!If there are any titles you are looking for but do not see on the site, please message me. All side and front art is printed on a Bubble Free vinyl. Many other titles available upon request. Also custom designs or your own design can be made. Contact me for more details. In order to ensure you achieve the best results from these products.

I recommend oil based paints or other automotive finishes. Scanned from NOS art, this is Printed on bubble free vinyl and laminate for easy application; available in 2 options. This was my own custom design for Arkanoid. In some of the photos this was designed for a Fast Freddie cabinet, and a Pacman and Ms Pacman cabinet.

I have a few other cabinet options. Side art and front, printed on bubble free vinyl for easy applications and laminated with satin laminate. P rinted on bubble free laminate for easy application; available in 2 options. Other to convert a Stargate cabinet, matching that shape. I n order to ensure you achieve the best results from these products. This is a Szabos Arcades custom design to give your cabaret a new twist and enhance the sides from the original wood grain.

This artwork was completely scanned and recreated into vectored form by me. I spent many hours making sure all colors matched top the original cabinet to the best of my ability. This is a Szabos Arcade Designed graphic. This can spruce up any claw machine. Comes with both sides and front. This was recreated for the back seat of the Crazy Taxi sit down arcade, these where notorious for peeling on the original cabinets. Also included is the decal behind the back seat.

This is a Szabos Arcades custom design.Your DesignBartop Kits. Bartop Kits. Geek Pub. Control Panels. With bit SSL security with advanced encryption you are guaranteed that your purchases are safe. This was an excellent experience and the customer service was great as well. I got exactly what I wanted. When I called to make sure and verify that what I wanted I was getting I was dealt with very kindly and generously and was walked through the whole process while on the phone until I got exactly what I wanted.

I am thoroughly happy and satisfied. This bezel for a street fighter II in a centipede cabinet and a computer monitor instead of a crt monitor so a custom job. Did my drawing and sent it in. His layout was perfect, I am so happy.

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Custom Arcade Cabinet Graphics Level up with our high-quality and cool laminated arcade graphics and marquees! Sometimes, a little bit of customization is all it takes to take your gaming experience a notch higher.

If you run an arcade gaming business, then this is one of the best ways to grab the attention of people when you introduce classic games.

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With Game On Grafix, the possibilities are endless. We offer a myriad variety of custom arcade graphic themes and designs, from retro head-to-head battle games such as Street Fighter II, uber-popular franchises such as Donkey Kong, as well as superhero-themed ones! You will be spoilt for choice with our print arcade graphics collection!

Personalize your space with your favorite full-sized custom arcade graphics. If you are in the mood to design your very own custom graphics, then we can help you print and transform them into attention grabbing visuals for your arcade gaming cabinet!

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The result? A really unique, one-in-a-million set-up that you can call your own and boast about. Nostalgic about classic arcade games? Make them come to life with our awesome vinyl arcade graphics!

Arcade Graphics & Marquees

These custom graphics in air release vinyl can be put up on your beloved machine in no time at all and the best thing about them is that you can change them according to your mood and needs! The prints turn out to be sharp, detailed, glossy, lustrous, and just right!

So naturally, if you have got your hands on a number of arcade games, then this is the flexible option you want. Moreover, these will immediately transform your boring arcade game cabinet into a striking centerpiece for your man den! So what are you waiting for? At Game On Grafix, we take gaming very, very seriously. That is why we work with you to help you get the kind of arcade graphics you always dreamed of!

We have been in the business for more than 18 years and are known to strive to produce the best reproductions and customizations as far as vinyl and print arcade graphics art is concerned! Check out our offerings or get in touch to design your very own artwork today! Cocktail game machines are hard to come by. We understand that they are your prized possessions so we walk the extra mile to offer you high-resolution prints with a textured finish that will last you for years.

You can choose one depending on the look you want to achieve for your gaming space! We understand the importance of visual appeal and authenticity when it comes to gaming. They can make or break the entire experience.February 19,am. Home Help Search Login Register.

Send this topic Print. This share is being providing as a type of service where users can request arcade related artwork from a large database of files. In addition to the files I'm making available, users can also make requests and fill the requests of others.

Donations to help pay for Mediafire hosting and additional hard drive backups to keep the artwork in existence are always welcome but never required.

Send me a note if you sign up through the Dropbox link and mention the artwork you're looking for. I'll add some artwork to a folder for you to access. MAME just isn't good enough. It's a gateway drug. Brent, you're awesome. TXT file downloaded, thread added to my bookmarks. Had someone looking for certain pieces of art and you just helped him out in a huge away. Sending him this link NOW. Bring it on! I'm happy to be able to help out.

Nice Job! Mini Marquee collection. Quote from: Encryptor on November 24,pm. Thank you very much. Bumping this up to remind people it's here. Hi there. Is the txt file still anywhere to download? Also the free Marquee offer on emdkay. Does that only apply to completely original marquees or to home made marquees for SFIV for example? Quote from: ienjoy on December 11,pm. Thanks for your quick response. Quote from: Ginsu Victim on December 10,am. I know.We print the highest quality laminated arcade decals and arcade marquees for our custom arcade cabinets.

multicade side art download

Enhance your gaming experience with your favorite full-size arcade graphics or interchangeable vinyl arcade art for the sides of your cabinet and awesome controller graphics for the ultimate in personalized arcade gaming. Send us your designs or custom commissioned graphics and we'll print out the highest quality arcade artwork that looks great and lasts for years. Our arcade graphics are extremely high resolution and printed with latex inks to add the sharpest possible visuals for your home arcade room.

With your new arcade artwork, you'll create a truly one-of-a-kind arcade system that's uniquely yours. Our Pro Laminated Permanent Arcade Graphics are protected with a high-grade textured laminate and are applied at no additional cost before your cabinet ships. Interchangeable Vinyl Arcade Graphics are printed directly to removable adhesive vinyl and can be easily applied in minutes.

All of our arcade cabinet artwork provides the visual authenticity of a traditional arcade gaming cabinet to improve your personal game room experience. Send us your artwork now! Templates Available Upon Request. Arcade Machine With Controller.

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