Veltroni was born in Rome. He was then elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies in As a member of the Italian Communist Party's national secretariat, inhe played a leading role in the transformation into a social democratic party.

He then ran as one of the leading members of The Olive Tree coalition in the general election.

Walter Veltroni

Also inhe joined the Bilderberg Meeting. Despite his background as a journalist, he has been involved in controversial episodes related to freedom of expression. For example, inafter the late night show Satyricon aired an interview that discussed indictments on links between the right-wing leader and the mafia, Marco Travaglio reported that Veltroni dispatched a messenger menacing the closure of the show. InVeltroni resigned as leader of the party after being elected Mayor of Rome.

The percentage of votes that supported Veltroni's second term in office was a record in local elections in Rome. Shortly before this confirmation, Veltroni had declared that he was going to leave politics at the end of his second term as Mayor. Veltroni was then widely considered one of the most popular centre left politicians in Italy, and often singled out for the leadership of the Democratic Partydespite his statements that he would not accept such position after his tenure as Mayor would end.

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In JuneDS leader Piero Fassino publicly asked Veltroni to run for the party leadership, offering support from all of his party.

Several other Democratic Party leading members publicly stated their support for a possible candidacy of Veltroni. At this occasion he introduced the four key issues his programme would address: environment, generational pact, education, and public security.

Veltroni was elected as the first leader of the newly founded Democratic Party on 14 Octoberwinning an open primary with around 2. InVeltroni had some remarks against the Romanian immigrants, claiming that Italy has become "unlivable" since Romania joined the European Union, [13] while before its entry, Rome was "the safest city in the world", bringing accusations of xenophobia from the Romanian press.


Following the defeat of Prodi's government in a January Senate vote, [15] Veltroni led the Democratic Party into the April general election. Veltroni resigned as Mayor of Rome on 13 February to concentrate on the campaign. He has been criticised for his over-frequentation of Rome socialites, and advised to focus on more practical problems.

On 17 Februaryfollowing clashes within the party and only a day after a heavy defeat of the Democratic Party in a local regional election in Sardinia, [18] Veltroni announced his immediate resignation from his leadership post.

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Veltroni has written a number of books on various topics, such as music, social issues, fiction, biographies and politics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Walter Veltroni. BBC News. Retrieved 29 June Non solo politico" in Italian. Retrieved 1 July Sorani in the book: Robert G. La Repubblica di Torino.

Archived from the original on 27 September Retrieved 22 June The Guardian. Archived from the original on 30 January Associated Press. Retrieved 15 October The Independent. Archived from the original on 30 September Retrieved 9 July France Retrieved 21 February From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

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Presentazione libro Publio Fiori Scopertura della targa. Sindaco e madre. Valter Veltroni Veltroni in Trento.

Walter Veltroni

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Walter Veltroni in Trento. Walter Veltroni's signature.Berlusconi would do better to stay silent rather than make offensive remarks about women. In effect, he is saying that if women go out alone, they risk being violated or attacked because the whole territory cannot be garrisoned.


There are many of these gangs, and they are all the more dangerous in a cultural and political climate which emphasizes intolerance and hatred towards the weak. This installation invites people to reflect on the importance of our ecosystem for our quality of life.

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I think that nothing else in history compares to this event, and we've had so little time to prepare. Walter Veltroni born 3 July is an Italian writer, journalist and politician, who served as the first leader of the Democratic Party within the centre-left opposition, until his resignation on February 17, He also served as Mayor of Rome from to Walter Veltroni was born in Rome.

His mother, Ivanka Kotnik, was the daughter of Ciril Kotnik, the Slovenian ambassador of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia at the Holy See who helped numerous Jews and antifascists to escape Nazi persecution after Veltroni joined the Federazione Giovanile Comunista Italiana Italian Youth Communist Federation at the age of 15, and was elected Rome city councilor in as member of the Italian Communist Party, serving until He was then elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies in As a member of the Italian Communist Party's national secretariat inhe played a leading role in the transformation into a social democratic party.

Topic: Walter Veltroni. Opposition leaders in Italy are warning that violent ultra-rightist groups may be on the rise, following an alleged killing by skinheads last weekend. Veronica Lario, wife of Silvio Berlusconi, the former and future Italian prime minister, recommends partitioning the country. Italian premier-to-be Silvio Berlusconi has vowed to boost Italy's economy and fight crime, but he will also have to convince governments across Europe that he will be able to work with, rather than against them.

Media mogul Silvio Berlusconi has swept back into power, winning a third term as Italy's prime minister, election results Monday showed. Italian voters headed to the polls Sunday, choosing between incumbent Silvio Berlusconi and former Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni as the next prime minister. Media mogul Silvio Berlusconi is more likely to become the next prime minister of Italy than Rome's former center-left mayor Walter Veltroni, analysts say.

Italy's year-old prime minister, Romano Prodi, says he is calling it quits after next month's parliamentary elections. Two polls released Tuesday give Silvio Berlusconi a good chance of winning another term as Italian prime minister. Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi resigned Thursday after a Senate vote produced an expected defeat for his month-old government. Pope Benedict XVI, meeting with local officials from Rome in his role as the city's bishop, warned Thursday of rising poverty and "urban decay.

Rome has always had a lot to offer art lovers but will soon have a showcase setting of several museums to rival the Louvre in France.

Baby unharmed by road birth Rome trash statues a hit with publicToggle navigation. Juli in Rom ist ein italienischer Politiker und Journalist.

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He served as Mayor of Rome from June to February En fue elegido concejal de Roma por las listas del Partido Comunista Italiano. Deja el cargo enpara convertirse en en diputado nacional. Prima della caduta del secondo governo Prodi, ha dichiarato che il Partito Democratico avrebbe corso alle successive elezioni politiche da solo, candidandosi pertanto alla presidenza del Consiglio dei ministri.

Ha, tuttavia, derogato in parte al proposito di "corsa solitaria" con l'accettazione dell'alleanza con il partito di Antonio Di Pietro e della confluenza nelle liste del PD dei candidati dei Radicali Italiani, i quali poi sono confluiti nei gruppi parlamentari del PD per la XVI Legislatura. Dopo la sconfitta elettorale, avvenuta il 13 e 14 aprileha riproposto, sul modello anglosassone dello shadow cabinet, il governo ombra del PD, il secondo di questo tipo in Italia, dopo quello del PCI con a capo Occhetto.

Van tot was hij burgemeester van Rome, van oktober tot februari was hij secretaris van de Italiaanse Democratische Partij Partito Democratico. Secretary of the Democrats of the Left. Position established. Flavia Prisco. Italian politician en.

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The discovery of dawn Item Preview. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Story about a man who reclaims his past. Giovanni Astengo keeps his life at arm's length: the father of a year-old girl with Down syndrome, Stella, and a forlorn, world-weary year-old, Lorenzo, Giovanni is also still searching for his own lost father, who vanished during a period of political terrorism in Revisiting the country house his parents used to frequent, Giovanni discovers there that he can call his year-old self on the eve of his father's disappearance, no less by dialing his old phone number.

Over the phone, Giovanni tries to change the future by having his younger self look for clues about his father's disappearance. There are fascinating intellectual tenets coursing through Veltroni's work, and the bond that forms between the two Giovannis is beautifully realized, as is the clarity that the older Giovanni finally achieves.


There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. American Libraries.The Discovery of Dawn by Walter Veltroni.

Our Assessment: B : a bit of a reach, in all respects. The complete review 's Review :. The Discovery of Dawn is narrated by Giovanni Astengo, an archivist who has always been fascinated by personal records, especially diaries. His job at the National Archives is to: "collect, catalogue, read, and summarize the diaries that my peers never cease producing". While he has focussed on other people's lives he has, however, not fully come to terms with his own. He's in a sort of mid-life crisis: there's little spark left in his marriage, he has a daughter, Stella, with Down's syndrome, and his son Lorenzo is taciturn and shut-off from the world though he takes good care of his much younger sister.

Giovanni is clearly still marked by the disappearance of his father inwhen he was a young boy.


His father was an academic, and he disappeared shortly after the murder of a colleague in those turbulent years. Now Giovanni heads out to his family's old summer place, picks up the ancient bakelite phone that's still there, and dials some numbers. And when he dials the telephone number from his childhood home his younger self picks up the phone Yes, "I realized that I was heading into the twilight zone", he acknowledges, but for such a silly plot device Veltroni handles it about as well as one might hope for.

For some reason this old telephone line had made a connection not across space but across time.

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Pretending to be his own Uncle Giorgio he finds himself talking to his younger self during those days in when his father disappeared. He calls daily and prods his younger self to look into the mystery of the disappearance, to see if there were any clues he hadn't recognised when he was a boy.

The absurdity of the premise makes it hard to take the story very seriously, but the mystery does hold some interest -- and the denouement, though somewhat underdeveloped, is certainly satisfying. Meanwhile, however, Veltroni also has other family issues to deal with, including Lorenzo generously volunteering to take his sister to the United States on a trip and then finding that he's in way over his head.

The family-scenes would be more convincing if Veltroni didn't try so hard to capture youth today, which leads him put words into Lorenzo's mouth that include: Why do you think my door is always closed? It's because I'm scared of opening it, scared of your silences and of the sounds of the world.

You always wondered why I don't read the newspapers and don't watch the news on TV. For one simple reason: it frightens me. It reminds me of an oil slick that's gradually spreading over all of reality. They use them whenever they take even the shortest walk, stroll at night, or meet up together. They don't want to let the times they're living in drive them crazy.

Today we've been deprived of every hope that we might share, and we've been shut up in a gleaming supermarket where you can buy anything you want but you can't ever get out. Little of this sounds very authentic; most of it sounds like what some old geezer thinks the life of them young folk is like nowadays The Discovery of Dawn is a short, fairly fast read, but Veltroni packs too much in.

His absurd connection-with-the-past premise is already a huge burden for the book to handle, and when he tries to do so much else it all begins to feel pretty thinly spread. Still, a passable little read. Hofstadter -- reads well enough for the most part, but there are some curious choices, beginning with the second sentence, which reads: Ever since my biological clock started regularly waking up at daybreak, I've been charting the various types of dawns.

Surely, 'biological clock' can no longer be usefully used in this sense And possibly it's a true-to-the-Italian translation, but this also strikes us as awful: But dawn has no dignity. Neither encyclopedias not Google give it the time of day. And that's just on the first page Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Contents: Main. The Discovery of Dawn - US.Veltroni, Vittorio Overview. Publication Timeline.

Most widely held works by Vittorio Veltroni. Un mondo meraviglioso : sviluppo illimitato e nuova democrazia industriale by Vittorio Veltroni Book 2 editions published in in Italian and held by 7 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Looks at the virtues and defects of the inhabitants of a large city in six episodes: 1. L'amore che si paga Carlo Lizzani : an interview with prostitutes. Tentato suicidio Michelangelo Antonioni : an inquest into people who have attempted suicide. Paradiso per quattro ore Dino Risi : scenes in a dance hall. Un'agenzia matrimoniale Federico Fellini : an arranged marriage between a young girl and a werewolf.

Storia di Caterina Francesco Maselli : an unemployed woman is forced to abandon her child. Cronaca della nascita della TV Recording 1 edition published in in Italian and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. Eduard Bernstein and the roots of the third way : Social Liberalism and the construction of the general social interest by Vittorio Veltroni Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide.

Audience Level. Related Identities. Associated Subjects. Alternative Names. Vittorio Veltroni gazetar italian. Italian 7 English 1. AuthorAuthor of screenplayCommentator. PN, Project Page Feedback Known Problems.

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